Technology in nutshell

Your Olife battery combines the most advanced technologies from supercapacitors and batteries to deliver a lead-free battery that fully replaces current conventional SLI units.

The supercapacitors in your Olife battery provide the cranking current your motor needs even in extremely low temperatures. The Li-ion battery cells continuously refill the supercapacitors. They also serve as a reliable source of the reserve energy your car‘s electronics need.

The combination of Li-ion battery cells and supercapacitors provides a unique mix of starting power and charge acceptance – making it the perfect technology for our modern world.

Unlike batteries, supercapacitors store and release electrical energy as electric charge and not in the form of bound chemical energy. Thanks to the supercapacitors, almost all of this capacity is available as starting current. The supercapacitors also level out all current peaks during normal operation of your car battery.

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