Cars with Start-Stop Systems

Although you love your combustion engine, you also care about the planet. That’s why you want to reduce CO2 emissions with start-stop technology – but without compromising performance.

Olife technology combines supercapacitors and LiFePo4 cells to provide the maximum performance and capacity from the battery. Our products also characterisedby high dynamic charge acceptance which enables fast and efficient charging toensure maximum statte of charge at all times. Olife batteries’ unique, high energy and power density contributes to a significant weight reduction, while it’s life expectancy beats lead-acid batteries hands down.

Olife is proud of its environmental record. Our manufacturing process creates no health, safety, or environmental risks. Our batteries help reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, and they are recyclable.

  Sport Cars

Your Olife battery is 50% lighter than the competition, making it an essential element in the constant search for a better performance. While its modern design adds soul to your car, its advanced storage capacity means your car will be ready to go whenever you are.

Owning a sports car or supercar is all about the adventure. Although sleek colors and lines may symbolize power, your car’s high performance comes from combining increased energy with decreased weight.

Because top performance demands responsive acceleration, your car’s power-to-weight ratio is critical. Most carmakers work hard on this, using state-of-the-art designs, lightweight materials, and turbochargers that are unique to each brand.

  Classic Cars

Olife understands the classic car, it’s heart and soul. That’s why our batteries are more efficient at delivering and storing power. Through advanced technology, we deliver a lead-free product that outperforms conventional SLI units.  

Owning a classic car like yours is ultimately about the experience, the timeless style, and the uncompromising craftsmanship. Now Olife has introduced a product, built to the most exacting specifications, that upholds these qualities.

Every classic car has its own unique history. Many were custom made by master craftsmen to withstand the ravages of time. Although some have earned their reputations on the racetrack, most have simply been cherished at home.