Olife battery advantages

Lower Weight

Your Olife battery is significantly lighter than a lead-acid battery. It weighs approximately 50% less.

Stronger Power

Your Olife battery provides significantly higher voltage than the leading lead-acid battery brands despite having a lower capacity. The resulting power density of the Olife battery is at least twice that of the leading lead-acid battery using AGM or flooded technology.

Long Life

Olife technology is designed to provide approximately 235,000 start-cycles. That’s around eight times more than a lead-acid battery.

Fast Charging

Your Olife battery charges faster – approximately three times faster than lead-acid batteries.  

Stay Charged Long

The energy stored in your Olife battery degrades significantly more slowly over time compared to lead-acid batteries. You Olife battery will deliver enough cranking power to start your engine even after months of storage.

Cold Cranking Ability

Almost the entire capacity of your Olife battery is available in the form of high-voltage cold cranking. As a result, it will deliver enough power at -30 °C to provide the multiple power pulses you need to easily crank your engine even when you start you car at extremely low temperatures.

Environmental Friendly

Olife battery can be safely disposed. Olife batteries contain no lead and are therefore much more ecologically friendly than traditional batteries.